Worriz 10

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Tribe Wolf Tribe
Gender Male
Weapons the toothed Sword Vengious
Appearances 70011 Eagles' Castle
70009 Worriz's combat lair
70204 CHI Worriz
70127 Wolf legend beast
70145 Maula's Ice mammoth stomper
70147 Sir Fangar's Ice Fortress
70149 Scorching blades
Legends of Chima: The Animated Series
Status Leader

I love lions. I really do. They're... delicious.
— Worriz

Worriz is the leader of the Wolf Tribe. He is very charming, cruel, and ruthless, but he's a loyal member of Laval's team in the Outlands. Like 5 other members of different tribes, Worriz appeared as an Ultrabuild set in May, 2013. He appears to set 70011 Eagles' Castle, 7009 Worriz's Combat Lair, 70204 CHI Worriz, 70127 Wolf legend Beast, 70145 Maula's ice mammoth stomper, 70147 Sir Fangar's Ice Fortress and 70149 Scorching blades.


  • At one point he was the most powerful being in Chima, having stolen lots of Chi.
  • He appears to have a crush on Windra.
  • He was a good friend of Laval's, until he became obsessed with gaining power.

TV Series Edit

In the first nine episodes, he is no major character. He just fights a bit, but he does only spak sometimes. In episodes 11-16, he gets close to his goal of being the king of Chima. He steals the CHI from the lions and captures the crocodiles. But then he learns that peace is better than fight. In episodes 17-20 he doesn' t want to fight, but Cragger persuades them to fight with the Crocs against the lions. In the outlands, he's the seventh who encounters his legend beast.



TV SeriesEdit


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