Wings of fire is the 14th episode in the Season 3 of Legends of Chima; The Animated Series, and the 40th episode of the series. This is the first part of Wings of Fire.

Prod. Code - 314

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As Laval, Cragger, Eris and Li,Ella race to the spark Li'ella starts feeling the sparks pain. Lavertus then joins the heros and races of. Finally the animals find Tormak in the outlands. Li'ella races up to him. Meanwhile Sir Fangar has the mammoth walkers attach to his mountain and pull it toward the lion city. Back with the animals Tormak claims that the maps power was leaked into him and he shows them the map. Lavertus copies the map down. They then arive at the eagle grasslands and Eris shows her freinds a curved rock. Tormak walks up to it and says it was a Phoenix defense system. the animals see one off the claw shaped rocks has the fire wings. They are unable to reach it , however Eris flys high into the air and discovers the claws pattern. The eagle flys as fast as she can straight down and right when the claw hits the center Eris's collides with it creating a energy wave. Beliving she has sacrificed herself Laval panics and shouts "ERIIIIIIS"! Meanwhile at Fangars moving mountain Sir Fangar sees the energy wave and asks Mungus and mottrot to investigate the area. Back at the eagle grasslands Laval panicking runs up to were Eris crashed and finds that Eris and gotten the fire wings and survived after all. Tormak says that something is different about Eris and cragger answers by saying "DUH" "The big glowing wings on her back". Tormak says no its something different. The animals split into teams of two to get the fire wing harnesses. Meanwhile at the lion city the hunters are approaching quickly leaving the lions to only hope that their allies make it in time. -Second half coming soon.

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