Maula's soul

Maula gets captured and taken to an underground cavern and chained to a giant stone and a shadow warrior activates a pincer and the pincer puts a white light on Maula's face and the pincer enters Maula's body and the pincer pulls Maula's protoplasm out and white lights come out of Maula's body as the pincer extracts her protoplasm from her body and Maula's lifeless head goes down and the pincer takes Maula's protoplasm to a protoplasm vat and the pincer puts Maula's protoplasm in the protoplasm vat to join Crunket & Eris & Gelsi & Li'ella and the shadow warrior disappears and a demon jumps towards Maula's lifeless body and puts Maula's lifeless head up and puts its finger and its thumb on the sides of her head and the demon smiles and laughs at Maula's lifeless body knowing it was finally going to possess Maula as it opens her mouth and puts its finger under her mouth and Maula's lifeless torso moves up and the demon looks confused as its right arm enters Maula's mouth and the demon turns white and the demon growls at Maula's lifeless body as it enters Maula's lifeless body to turn Maula into a zombie mammoth queen slave and Maula's zombie queen soul enters her mouth and Maula's hands move as the demon's ears enter her mouth and a white swirling thing enters Maula's trunk and Maula turns into Dark Queen Maula and a Predalien releases Dark Queen Maula and the Predalien takes Dark Queen Maula to its cavern and Sir Fangar sneaks into the cavern to release Maula's protoplasm

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