Lion 151


Tormak is a member of the Tiger Tribe, and appeared as a minifigure in Summer of 2014. In Episode 31, Tormak disapproved of Laval staring at Li'ella, another Cat Guide. Tormak even hit Laval and growled at him. Tormak adopted Li'ella and acts like a father to her.

After the Hunters kidnapped Li'ella he was forced to steal the artifact, a map which holds the location of the 8 fire wings, for Sir Fangar. Unfortunately, as soon as the map left the Phoenix boundaries it exploded and burned Tormak turning him into the Panther from Eris's dreams. However, after the Great Illumination, he was returned to his original form of a Tiger. After the Illumination he adopted Lundor which made him related to Li'ella.                                                          

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