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Lavertus and ShadoWind

  • To the Admins of the chima-lego wiki,

    I would just like to say, we need to change the ShadoWind page to Lavertus, it is proven he IS Lavertus.  It was in episode 25.  I can link you to it on youtube if you need to me to.  Here is what happens: Cragger and Warriz get captured by the Spiders and Scorpions.  He is then reuinited with Crominus, his father.  He tells him "Lavertus saved Mom(Crunket) From the Outlands."

    Therefore it is proven ShadoWind is Lavertus.  

    Here is more evidence:  In the Legends of Chima Online game, when you use the "ShadoWind Card" It spawns Lavertus.  This just proves that ShadoWind is Lavertus.

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    • i agree

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