The Legend of Chima
Legend of Chima Title
Airdate January 16, 2013
Episode and Season # Season One, Episode One
Written by Unknown
Directed by Unknown
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The Great Story

The Legend of Chima is the first episode of season one of Legends of Chima: The Animated Series. It first aired on January 16, 2013. It showed the beginning of the war for Chi, and Laval and Cragger's relationship before the war.


This episode starts with Eris being captured by Cragger's forces, the Wolf Tribe and Raven Tribe. The image then cuts Laval looking for his harness. He then goes to the Sacred Pool to receive his first taste of Chi. However, right when he is about to put it in his harness, the Crocodile Tribe forces attack. Cragger has a disguise on as he steals Laval's Chi, which was knocked out of his hands during the attack, along with Chi from the pool. Laval chases Cragger on his Speedor, where it leads to a showdown. Laval manages to defeat Cragger, but before he strikes the filling blow, he recognizes Cragger.

The episode then goes back in time, to the time when Cragger and Laval were still friends. Cragger persuades Laval to sneak into the area of the Lion Chi Temple with the Sacred Pool of Chi. Cragger then takes some of the Chi, even though Laval warns him not to. Cragger goes completely berzerk, even to the stage to attacking Laval. Cragger is stopped by a blast from Lagravis, who remarks that he'll have to tell Cragger's parents. At the temple, Crominus and Crunket talk to Lagravis about Cragger's theft, in which they demand an apology, as they believe that Laval caused Cragger to steal the Chi. The discussion doesn't go very far, and the Crocodile Tribe leaves.

Later, Cragger tries to steal more Chi, this time with Worriz. He gets caught very easily, and when he says that it was Worriz' idea, Worriz runs off. He then flees, and Laval chases him on a Speedor. Cragger fires a C roc Flare, and the Crocodile Tribe arrives for a full-on war. In the midst of this turmoil, Crominus and Crunket's tank falls into a canyon, never to be seen again. However, they are shown to be alive. The battle has ended, Cragger sadly sits down, mourning for his parents. Laval goes over to him, comforting his friend.

Cragger is in the Croc Swamp Hideout. Crooler walks over to him and hands Cragger the crown of their father, the former king. Crooler says that the Lion Tribe will pay for what they have done to Cragger's father, the king of the Croc Tribe. Crooler's brother refuses for the Lion Tribe to 'pay', saying that it is not the Lion Tribe's fault of death. Crooler says that the Lion Tribe is the Croc Tribe's enemies now, and Crooler walks away, laughing with a taste of evil.



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  • When Cragger put a orb of Chi in his chest, Longtooth and Leonidas came in to the scene, then Cragger threw Laval out of the way and threw two Leonidas' out of the way, instead of Longtooth and Leonidas.
  • When Cragger tried to get a orb of Chi the second time, Leonidas, Lagravis, and Longtooth stopped him. Longtooth had a white cloak on in the scene, after Worriz ran away, Longtooth didn't have a cloak on anymore.
  • Cragger's face turned blue randomly in the middle of the episode.

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