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The Joyride
Joyride Title
Airdate July 17, 2013
Episode and Season # Season One, Episode Four
Written by Unknown
Directed by Unknown
Episode Guide
The Warrior Within
Market Day

The Joy Ride is the fourth episode in season one of Legends of Chima: The Animated Series. It aired on July 17, 2013.


The episode starts with Laval complaining about cleaning the dusty map room to Eris. Eris, shocked he would dislike the job, says that the map room is full of so many interesting places they can visit. With gleams in their eyes, they yell "Road Trip!!" and rush to the plain that Lagravis' Royal Fighter is parked. As Eris tries to navigate and Laval attempts to drive, they encounter serious problems, such as Laval nearly driving his father's tank off a bridge and Eris leading them straight into the Falling Jungle. They have to be rescued by Gorzan's Gorilla Striker. Meanwhile, Lagravis visits the Rhino tribe and tries to find someone to discuss a treaty with, frowning on the Rhino's "misuse of CHI" when Runk uses an orb to kick a boulder around. The lions then approach Rogon and Rukus, who appear to be fighting quite violently. Lagravis interrupts them, asking if there is another way to settle their differences. "Differences?!" Runk had said. "What differences?" implored Rogon. "We're not mad at each other, we only fight when happy!" the two Rhinos said. As Lagravis walked away shaking his head, punching sounds could still be heard, with the occasional "Love you bro!"

Laval and Eris then reach the top of Spiral Mountain and witness what they believe to be the best sunset in all of Chima. However, Laval forgot to leave the parking brake on and the tank rolls backwards and plummets off the mountain. They find the ruined tank at the bottom in pieces and Laval begins to worry. Eris, however, has an idea and they walk to the Beaver tribe, who supposedly are really good at rebuilding vehicles and also love doing it. They appear hostile at first, but when Laval mentions the tank they all get very excited and agree to help, whith Bevar threatening vacations if they fight over the tank.

Bevar then shows Laval and Eris the other work that they've been doing, and Laval and Eris are shocked to find a dam being built to block the CHI water from flowing into the Lion CHI Temple, instead rerouting the precious liquid to the Croc Swamp! Bevar says a crocodile, Cragger, hired them to build it.

At the Lion Temple, the elders find that the pool is empty and send out a distress roar which Lagravis (who is having no luck with the Rhinos) hears and returns to find out what's going on. Crooler arranges some of the wolves' famous "Roadside Diversions" as Worriz, Winzar, Wakz, and Wilhurt, all on Speedorz, assault Lagravis and his escorts, knocking out the escorts and going after Lagravis. Angry, Lagravis plugs and Orb of CHI and stops the Speedorz with his bare hands.

Meanwhile, Laval and Eris then tell the rest of the beavers about the tank and they immediately abandon work on the dam to help fix the tank. Cragger and Crooler then attack while Eris and Laval attempt to destroy the dam. During the fight, Cragger plugs an orb and sends off a wave of energy which topples the dam. As pillars of wood and steel plunge towards Laval, he wakes up screaming in his bed. Eris however, is right next to him and assures him that the beavers demolished the dam and fixed the tank. As they head off happily, the final scene shows Lagravis yelling "Does my tank have... WINGS!!!!????!?!??"

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