The Biggest Race Ever is the eighth episode of Legends of Chima: The Animated Series.


The episode starts with Leonidas and Laval carrying Tribestones to the The Lion Temple when all of the sudden, an earthquake happens, making the Tribestones fall. Laval goes into the temple to tell Lagravis about it. Lagravis is watching a very large Golden CHI Orb being removed from the CHI pool. Laval thinks they must keep it but Lagravis reminds him that they must race for it.

Croolertells her brother, Cragger about the Golden CHI Orb, and reveals the perfect trap for the other racers and their Speedorz

When all of the racers are ready, Longtooth asks Leonidas if he saw that guy racing in the back. Leonidas asks if he is racing. While all racers are ready the greatest racer ever comes, Dom de la Woosh. Laval asks what's so great about him, then Eris reminds him of the time he went to all of his races with Cragar

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