The Crescent is the thirty-first episode of The Legends of Chima.

Description Edit

In order to gain the trust of the Phoenix Tribe and obtain Fire Chi for all the major tribes, the 8 warriors must protect a hill called "the Crescent" from the Ice Tribes.

Plot Edit

The Ice Tribes continue to march on Chima and regain their power through the use of Chi. Laval, Cragger and Eris arrive and stop the Ice Tribes from attacking the Crocodile Swamp. They find that there are no crocodiles around.

The Ice Tribes, lead by Sir Fangar, make the decision to invade Chima and destroy the Phoenix Tribe, starting with "the hill that won't freeze." They also recover their frozen Speedorz from the ice and head towards the crescent.

Laval discusses the complex stories that Fluminox told him with his father. Laval tells him that the leader "reminds me of you, but, even more super-serious. Like, he never laughs." This makes Lagravis worry that he may not laugh enough, or even have a sense of humor at all.

Later, Fluminox tells Laval, Eris and Cragger that he will only provide Fire Chi to them and not to the other tribes. Eris insists that the other tribes are in desperate need of Fire Chi in order to save Chima. Fluminox desides that the other main tribes can have Fire Chi if they protect the Crescent. Laval summons the tribes with a roar. Unfortunately, Skinnet hears the roar, and lets them know he's coming via "stink signal."

Meanwhile, Lagravis, back in the Lion City, asks Longtooth if he thinks he has a sense of humor. Longtooth regretfully says that Lagravis never laughs, and Lagravis asks him to help him find his "funny bone."

The eight warriors assemble on the Crescent, and see the Ice Tribes approaching on the horizon. Razor sells Balkar and Rogon merchandise to keep them warm. Laval then shows the other warriors how to use Fire Chi in conjunction with Speedorz, and he charges the Ice Tribes. He quickly knocks Sir Fangar down, but is surrounded. Worriz, Rogon and Cragger "chi-up" and head in to aid him. They knock over Mottrot, causing Maula to unleash Mungus on them, forcing them to retreat. Vornon and Voom Voom attempt to sneak up on them, and as usual, Vornon gets hurt - this time by a strong fire shield guarding the Crescent and preventing enemy tribes and missiles to enter.

At the Lion City, Longtooth attempt to get Lagravis to laugh - this time with a funny face. He then tries some jokes, which also fail. He then hits his head and jumps around, acting crazy. None of this works either.

Just as Laval and the other warriors have assumed their victory to be certain due to their shield, Skinnet arrives with "armor" made of leaves and a wooden sword, ready for battle. Cragger tells Skinnet that he is not needed, which makes Skinnet decide to relieve himself of his "battle stink" that he was saving for the occasion. Unfortunately, the stink is trapped in the shield, and the warriors are forced to leave the Crescent. The warriors of Chima keep firing, but soon run out of Chi, and Skinnet has not yet "recharged." Mungus and Sir Fangar close in.

Longtooth attempts to get Lagravis to laugh by "defacing" some of the lion statues; however, Lagravis is insulted rather than amused. Longtooth resorts to tickling Lagravis; however, Lagravis won't allow him, so he tries to get Leonidas to do it, just before they are interrupted by the Phoenix' air ship taking off.

The Phoenix' arrive at the Crescent in their Blazer, and the scent is cleared. They open fire on the Ice Tribes, chasing them off. The craft lands, and Tormak Steps out. As the other tribes aproach, Tormak pushes Laval away from the ship. Laval is stunned by his hostility, but soon recovers when he sees Li'ella next to him, falling in love instantly. As Laval attempts to introduce himself to Li'ella, Tormak knocks him down again, stating that he is defending her.

Fluminox tells them that from now on, all the eight main tribes will be able to access Fire Chi at the Crescent, and Li'ella is going to protect it.

Cragger is confused about Laval acting strange, but Eris assures him that he is merely in love. They return to the Lion City to find Lagravis still in the process of "finding his funnybone" when Laval tells him that he "met the most awesome girl" who "came out of a flying building" and he "think(s) (he's) in love." Lagravis finds this absurd, and starts laughing, which irks Laval. The episode ends.

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  • It is unknown why Razar didn't just sell/distribute nose plugs after Skinnet made the Crescent smell awful, as he did in Market Day

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