The call of Cavora is the 29th episode in "Lego:Legends of chima the animated series"


The episode starts with Sir Fangar bragging about how much will belong to him after he takes over chima as he and the ice hunters march. Meanwhile at the rhino quarry Rogon is trying to convince the quarry's rocks to help him defeat the hunters. The ice hunters who are marching are then bombed by rocks. In an effort to defeat the bombers Sir Fangar tells the vultures to take to the sky's to stop the eagles. However the vultures were bombed out of the sky. Strainor is then seen being pulled by Sykor screaming "The rocks are falling! the rocks are falling! (A reference to chicken little). Fangar then commands the mammoths to fly up and stop the bombing. The mammoths and the vultures then freeze all the lion tanks forcing Laval and Cragger to seek cover behind Gorzan's mech , Which was subsequently frozen. Rogon then launches another volley of rocks making a salute. His head is then frozen but he is able to jump of is his rock flinger when it gets frozen. Cragger then tells everyone to fall back and tells Rogon to not salute. Another volley of rocks is launched but Fangar launches his cycle and dodges all of the rocks. Meanwhile Eris is up in the air with all the other eagles in there eagle jets. Then all of the jets are frozen causing all of the eagles to launch their safety pods. Once Eris lands she sees a burning temple on top of a hill. Meanwhile Sir Fangar chases of the others and insults them. Then the rhinos drop a rock on Fangars head and shake their butts at him before running away. Fangars then spots the mountain Eris is at and races to it. Eris on the other hand is walking into the temple and sees a red bird with flaming wings march forth. Laval then yells out to Eris but the persistent eagle refuses to go but she quickly realizes the temple had dissapeard. Fangars then appears and Eris becomes frozen in fear , however Fangars blasts do not hit Eris. Laval grabs Eris and forms a plan. Laval and his freinds race of with the Vultures in hot pursuit. The animals lead the hunters into the falling jungle. They race up a ramp and avoid the vultures blasts. Eris then leads the vultures away to mount cavora were they get frozen by themselves in cavoras falls. Eris then makes a way to allow her freinds to get up. Eris is confident that her dreams of cavora bursting into flames is the key to defeating the hunters. When they reach the mountain Eris pretends to be burning inside out to scare cragger. The 8 legend beasts then lead them up to the top floor and the Burning temple becomes visible on top of mount cavora.

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