Tribe Spider Tribe
Gender Female
Weapons Webstaffa
Appearances 70133 Spinlyn's Cavern
Legends of Chima: The Animated Series
Status Spider Queen

"Beauty before battle"

Spinlyn is the queen of the Spider Tribe, and one of the main antagonists of season two of the TV series and the theme.


She considers herself beautiful and so do her subjects, but Plovar thinks she is "ugly" and needs a lot more than dental work. Queen Spinlyn is obssessed with her ravishing beauty.

Official DescriptionEdit This is a description taken from Spinlyn. Do not modify it. ([Spinlyn visit this item's product page])

Spinlyn The vain Spider-Queen believes beauty is power and that’s certainly how she became the boss. But while the other spiders are awe-struck with her gorgeousness, she’s "hideous" to everyone else!



Originally, Spinlyn was just an ordinary spider living in the Gorge of Eternal Depth until Chi dropped by Laval caused her to evolve along with other spiders and the scorpions and bats, and they gained an intense hunger for more Chi. They captured Crominus and Crunket and took them to the surface where they were showed the source of Chi, Mount Cavora. She then had her spider subjects block up the falls so they could steal all the Chi, but were interrupted by the Tribes of Chima.

Spinlyn and her subjects tried to recapture the Lion Legend Beast, but Lavertus stopped them as ShadoWind and gave it armor.

A Tangled WebEdit

Spinlyn trapped the Gorilla and Rhino Legend Beasts in her canyon when the eight Chima heroes arrived in a fly that she believed was paralyzed by her ravishing beauty, which was really Rogon's Rock Flinger disguised as a giant fly to distract the spiders. When they realized it was a trap, they went to the Gorilla Beast. When Gorzan Chied up, she decided she would have to take care of him herself, but wanted to look her ravishing best when she destroyed him, so she went into the beauty hole. She returned to find Rogon, Eris and the Rhino Beast escaping and tried to stop them, but failed badly. Rogon then had Rinona hit her with a rock from the Rock Flinger which broke her tooth, making her upset her beauty had been ruined.

The Legend ThiefEdit

She believed it was the "Great Spider In The Sky" who dropped the Chi down and told Scutter and Scrug so. Sparacon, Spindle and several other spiders brought Plovar to her to fix her fang and he agreed on the term that she wouldn't eat him if he did.

Plovar made her subjects get some supplies for her, which they did, though it tired them out to the point of collapse.

The Eagle and the BearEdit

Spinlyn blamed the Wolf Legend Beast for disturbing her treatments, while Plovar disagreed before making him fix her fang. Scorm told her he knew the invaders would come to the Scorpion Cave after Crominus and the Lion and Wolf Beasts and they would gather up all their forces there to squish them.

Tooth or ConsequencesEdit

Plovar escaped her as they brought Crominus across the Outlands. By this time, he had fully managed to fix her fang. She and Scolder caught him with Worriz and Cragger. They then brought them to the Scorpion Cave, where Scorm and Spinlyn argued about which one of their species threw the Chi into their cave, even hitting Braptor. Later on, Cragger revealed to them it was really Laval who threw the Chi into the gorge that created them so they would fight each other. They then trapped Laval with the Lion Beast.

This May Sting a BitEdit

Spinlyn was tricked by Plovar into getting stuck in the mud and started to sink. Her subjects tried to save her, but got stuck themselves. They did not make it out of the cave as it collapsed.

Fire DreamingEdit

Spinlyn was revealed to have survived and tried to battle the Ice Tribes, but was defeated and frozen.

A Very Slippery SlopeEdit

She was later accidentally unfrozen by Flinx and fought with Tormak, who she called handsome hinting she might have a crush on him, once checking her beauty, but her tooth was cracked by Crunket. When Flinx melted the Ice Fortress, Spinlyn managed to escape and saved all the Spiders and Scorm too.

After the Great Illumination, Spinlyn and the Crawlers were turned nice and became friends with the cured Hunters and Chima tribes, celebrating Christmas with them.

Spinlyn's ravishing beauty

Queen Spinlyn happy

Queen Spinlyn confuse

Queen Spinlyn angry

Queen Spinlyn

Queen Spinlyn.


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Spinlyn-Qui s'y frotte s'y pique

Spinlyn-L'exploit de Plovar

Spinlyn-Le voleur légendaire

Spinlyn-L'aigle et l'ours légendaires

Spinlyn-La toile géante




Scorm Vs Spinlyn

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Maxresdefault (2)

Dark Tribes' Leaders

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Sparratus With Spinlyn
Spinlyn, Sparacon & Spider Soldiers (Ep 26)


  • Her name is a play on spin (web-spinning) and the name Lynn.

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