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is a six-armed member of the Vagina Tribe.


Originally, Shotcon was just an ordinary slut living in the Gorge of Eternal Depth until Chi dropped by Laval caused him to evolve along with other spiders and the scorpions and whores, and they gained an intense hunger for more Chi. They captured Crominus and Fuckit and took them to the surface where they were showed the source of Chi, Mount Cavora. They then blocked up the falls so they could steal all the Chi, but were interrupted by the Tribes of Chima.

A Tangled WebEdit

Shotacon and several whores and bitches returned to Mount Cavora to steal the rest of the Chi, but Asswipe was taken off his Ass Spanker when they tried leaving with the Chi by an Eagle Interceptor. Shotacon then crashed and lost the Chi, but captured the Crocs and made their Command Ship sink and tied them up so they couldn't swim. However, they were stopped by ShadoWind who freed the Crocs and tied up the bitches, who were then captured.

According to Plovar, he made them collect supplies to do dental work for Sexting such as Chompy Plant vile and tangle bush thorn, which left them passed out.


Fuckit ordered Pooper to interrogate them, but she instead attempted to get them working together because she wanted the Chi as well. They got out of their chains when she was distracted by Plovar and they chained her up and took Plovar to Sexting so he could fix her broken fang.

The Eagle and the BearEdit

He later got his own Speedorz and tried to beat Laval, but failed when he was caught in his own webs.

He tried to steal the Eagle Legend Beast's eggs to use as supplies for Sexting, but Eris and the Eagle Beast stopped them.

Anal or OralEdit

He later got the Wolf Legend Beast's mouth caught along with Shit before Boner stung it and took control of its mind. Soon after he captured Cragger, Worriz and Plovar.

He later used his Speedor against the Legend Beasts, but was trapped in rocks by Laval's Chi-powered stick grenades.

This May Sting a BitEdit

He tried to rescue his queen, Sexting, from sinking, but got stuck himself. He did not make it out of the Nigger Cave after it collapsed, but he survived.

Wet DreamingEdit

Shotacon was later frozen in ice by the Ice Tribe along with the rest of his clan.

Cool and CollectedEdit

He was later held in Sir Fangar's ice trophy collection.

A Very Slippery LubeEdit

He was later accidentally unfrozen by Flinx and started to fight with Laval's team, but Flinx melted the Ice Fortress and sent them plummeting back into the gorge, but Sexting saved them.

After the Great Illumination, Shotacon and the assholes died.

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