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Tribe Skunk Tribe
Gender Male
Weapons Unknown
Appearances 70107 Skunk Attack
Legends of Chima: The Animated Series
Status Negotiator

Skinnet is a member of the Skunk Tribe in Chima, possibly with a leadership role. He is a loner and a negotiator between the Lions and Crocs.


The Legend of ChimaEdit

He and other members of the Animal Tribes are playing hide and seek (or, as Cragger calls it, "hide and attack"). Worriz is well hidden, so they utilize Skinnet's "special gift" to force him out of hiding due to his strong sense of smell.

Market DayEdit

He is seen walking through the market making loads of gas, which causes the ravens to sell nose plugs to everyone. Skinnet later races in the Speedorz tournament but does not do very well. 

The Hundred Year MoonEdit

It is revealed that Hundred Year Moon Night affects Skinnet in a completely different way to the Wolves, which makes his stink sweet. This helps Laval and Gorzan against the insane Wolves.

The Biggest Race of All Edit

During a race for an orb of Golden Chi, Skinnet is revealed to be scared of water, and that it makes him make his "stinkies."

Crocodile TearsEdit

Skinnet becomes a spy for the Lions as the Crocs are held captive by the Wolves.

Reunion Gone WrongEdit

Skinnet is unaffected by Crooler's Fog of Destiny and helps Laval steal a Golden Chi Orb to save them.

Laval in ExileEdit

When Laval comes up on Spiral Mountain to be in exile, Skinnet shows up with Plovar, revealing he lives on Spiral Mountain. He follows Laval into the Fangs, where he is given the Pledge of the Pack by Shadow Wind, and he reveals he goes into the Outlands a lot, and goes nuts when he eats the sap all over the pledge. This helps Laval enter the Croc Swamp Hideout. But at the end he flood chima with his stink


  • He appears exclusivly in 70107 Skunk Attack, a Speedorz set.
  • Skinnet apparently has a very strong smell when he farts, as it was enough to get Worriz out of hiding.


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