Sir Fangar

Sir Fangar is the leader of the Saber-Tooth Tiger Tribe. Sir Fangar will also be the main antagonist of 2014's second wave, and the third season of the TV series. In The Heart of Cavora Fangar is shown as perfected.


Sir Fangar was in a fight with the Phoenix Tribe the Leopard Tribe and the Cat Guides years ago with the Saber-Tooth Tigers, Mammoths and Vultures. The war ended when Fangar and his Ice Tribe fell into the Gorge of Eternal Depth and were frozen in a pit that was sealed up, which broke their limbs, though ice repaired them.

This May Sting a BitEdit

When Laval gave Chi to Scorm, and told him to use it wisely, Scorm dropped it into a crevice in the Scorpion Cave that opened up during the final battle, and it fell to where Sir Fangar was. There was a glimpse of the ice cave and himself frozen. The Chi accidentally reanimates him.

The Chi gave him a dream of being reawakened at the Fangs with no memory of who he was until the Beaver Tribe told him how to use Chi and he regained his memory, freezing the Fangs and the Beavers when it ended.

Fire DreamingEdit

Eventually, he awakened and broke the ice, escaping, though his frozen limbs made it difficult to walk. When he picked up the Chi, he slipped and plugged it, causing his frozen limbs to become stable. He then found his Ice Tribe frozen and mourned them, when more Chi dropped by Scorm appeared. He threw it into his Ice Tribe members which reanimated them, and then they all escaped the crevice, freezing the Dark Tribes and making their way out through the Gorge after retrieving their vehicles, where Skinnet was. It is presumed they froze him.

Attack of the Ice ClanEdit

The Ice Tribe marched on the Crocodile Swamp and froze the Crocodile Tribe, except for Cragger and Crooler, who used the Helicrocter to head to the Lion Chi Temple and get the other tribes. However, this did not work as they were outmatched easily as their vehicles, weapons and soldiers were frozen solid. Fangar was tripped by Windra and ate Chi, then tried to get it out, powering up by mistake. They then continued to build their Ice Fortress in the Fangs.

Fired up!Edit

In with a twinkle, the ice tribes are fighting the Fire tribes, and the other tribe armies, and Sir Fangar and the tribes fall down the gorge, plan against the good guys and walk and fly out. He is trying to kill G'loona and Flinx.

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TV Appearances;

. Season 2

. 206 - This May Sting a Bit, part 2

. Season 3

. 301 - Fire Dreaming, part 1

. 302 - Attack of the Ice Clan, part 2

. 303 - The Call of Cavora

. 304 - Trial by Fire

. 305 - The Crescent

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. 308 - The Snowball Effect

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. 310 - A Very Slippery Slope

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. 314 - Wings of Fire, part 1

. 315 - The Heart of Cavora, part 2

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