I don't know what you're talking about, or do I?
— Lavertus

For Chima!
— ShadoWind
Lavertus 4
Tribe Lion Tribe
Gender Male
Weapons MaCHIGuns
Dual Shadoglox
Appearances 70129 Lavertus' Twin Blade
70134 Lavertus' Outland Base
70140 Stinger Duel
Legends of Chima: The Animated Series
Status Alive

Lavertus was an exiled lion who goes by the name ShadoWind. He was Lagravis' brother and Laval's uncle.

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A Lion warrior our heroes find in the Outlands, sent into exile by the tribe years before. His isolation has made him a little kooky and moody, but he’s basically a good guy and a real survival expert!

Personality Edit

Lavertus tends to talk with a fluctuating tone, making him sound crazy. He also has strange mannerisms and habits, such as talking to Crunket's scarf, baking cookies and cupcakes, dancing, and arranging his remaining Golden Chi into a smiley face purely for entertainment. He also has a habit of questioning his own intentions and statements, saying things like "...or, do I?," "...or am I?," "...or, will I?" to tease other animals. This particularly annoys Cragger. In many ways, he is the polar opposite of his brother Lagravis.



As ShadoWind.

The Greatest Race EverEdit

He wins a race that was about to be won by Dom de la Woosh.

Gorillas Gone WildEdit

He meets Plovar, who asks to know his secret and he won't tell anyone. Plovar claims ShadoWind did tell him, but made him promise not to tell, but this is unclear.


Laval watches while he attacks Cragger and some other members of the Crocodile Tribe. He later saves Laval in a race and wins the Golden Chi, and watches the riot.

The Chi JackersEdit

While the Wolf Tribe is stealing Chi, he gives the Golden Chi he won in the last Speedorz contest to Laval, who uses it to fix the hole in the wall of the Lion Chi Temple the Wolves made, then attacks the Wolves and distracts them so they can use it.

Crocodile TearsEdit

Laval and Eris try desperately to seek him out when they want to save the crocodiles from being held prisoner by the wolves. Furtivo (disguised as ShadoWind) ends up helping them, with the Raven's "help". ShadoWind watches Furty do so.

Ravens vs EaglesEdit

He leads Laval and Cragger's Speedorz race.

Laval in ExileEdit

He shows up in the Fangs and gives Laval the Pledge of the Pack that he somehow found in the Outlands, then speeds off.

The Black CloudEdit

ShadoWind leads the Black Cloud into the Outlands and Laval, Eris, Cragger, Crawley and Crug follow. It is also revealed that ShadoWind did not tell Plovar his secret before.

For Chima!Edit

He caught Laval as he was falling in a fight with Cragger and took him to the Outlands, where they find the Crocodile Legend Beast and Crunket. He then speaks the only words he had ever been known to say: "For Chima!" and then he leaves into the Outlands.

Into the OutlandsEdit

Crunket reveals that ShadoWind rescued her and had the Crocodile Legend Beast bring her to Chima before the Dark Tribes captured the other Legend Beasts. His identity, Lavertus, later meets Laval, Cragger, Eris, Rogon, Gorzan, Bladvic, Worriz and Razar and splits them up, revealing he knows where all the Legend Beasts are and allows them to stay in his Outland Base and share his new armor. However, that night he enters his secret room which is full of Golden Chi.

As of the series finale, Lavertus is no longer exiled form Chima. This is probably due to the fact that he was wrongly exiled in the first place.


  • Fans refered to him as the Samurai X of Legends of Chima before his identity was known, just like Samurai X (Nya)'s identity in LEGO Ninjago.
  • Lavertus's alternate personality is ShadoWind, who he apparently takes the place of whenever he is around tribes and not the Outlands.
  • He has the fastest Speedor in Chima.
  • His true identity is Lavertus. Lavertus is very odd when the gang first meets him, and he is known to get very nervous easily and try to hide who he really is.
  • His most precious possession was a scarf that used to belong to Queen Crunket. In Lavertus' flashback, it is shown that Lavertus and Queen Crunket were a couple when they were young, but Crominus was jealous of this and so he went to Reagle for Persuasive Plant seeds. With them, he controlled Lavertus' mind and made him ignore Crunket. When that failed, Crominus used another plant to persuade Lavertus into stealing Chi from the Scared Pool and get him exiled, leaving Crominus to marry Crunket. In the middle of the night in "Tooth or Consequences," he wakes up to talk to the scarf.
    • Lavertus realised that if he and Crominus kept fighting for Crunket, then one of Chima's greatest warriors (Cragger) would not be born.
  • Later, Laval, Cragger, Eris and the Phoenix Tribe find out that Lavertus is still alive and has one orb of Golden Chi left.
  • Bill Courage voices Lavertus, as well as his brother Lagravis, and the crocodile king, Crominus.
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