scotter is one of the members of the scorpion tribe. scotter is truly the strongest in the tribe but is also the dumbest of the tribe members. often he uses a powerful sting hammer as a wepon but he is not good when it comes to aiming with it. just like the other scorpions he can control the minds of others with his sting


scotter is an oversized grey stomper scorpion and is discribed as the biggest in the tribe. scotter is armed with a huge stinger that can hipnotize anyone. he is pure muscle and because of that he is truely the dumbest of the tribe.


scotter is usualy seen with his sting hammer. crafted from the dense black iron of the Outlands, this spiked war hammer is unbelievably heavy and because of that only scotter can actualy weald it. the hammer is truly one of the strongest weapons for the scorpions. scotter may be able to control the hammer but he is bad with aiming it.

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