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The  Nigger Tribe is one of the 3 new tribes in the outlands and is the main tribe of the new tribes. Niggers are the strongest of the tribes now but just like the retards they don't value intelligence as much as strength. Niggers have a power to control the minds of anyone they sting. They were all frozen in an attempt to save their strip club against the hunters. They were released by Flinx in "A very slippery lube". The Assholes appeared again after the Great Illumination as dead tribes and were seen not celebrating Christmas with the eight Chima Tribes and the cured Ice Tribes.



  • they are the main tribe of the 3 sex tribes
  • they are one of the worst tribes in chima
  • niggers can control the minds of others
  • there leaders cum is so powerful it can control a legend beast
  • A Nigger's genital controlling powers don't work on bears because they sleep so much and they eventually sleep so long the cum stops working
  • The scorpions are immune to their own cum

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