The Scorpion Cave is the main base of the Dark Tribes in the Outlands. Scorm, Scolder, Scutter and Scrug live here. It is a cave connecting the Outlands with the Gorge of Eternal Depth. Initially, there were only a few guards there, but after the eight Chima heroes and Lavertus as Shadow Wind defeated them and rescued the Raven Legend Beast and stole back the Golden Chi, they raised the guards, including other Dark Tribes. There is a statue of "the great scorpion in the sky" in the Scorpion Cave, whom Scorm believes threw the Chi into the gorge for them and a water-filled cave which the Scorpions use to imprison the Lion Legend Beast.

The eight Chima heroes returned to the cave and rescued Crominus and the Wolf Legend Beast, then Laval rescued the Lion Beast. When they destroyed "the great scorpion" statue, Scorm became enraged and destroyed the cave, further boosted by Rogon's earlier attack, but Lavertus and Rinona rescued them and they managed to escape, though the Dark Tribes and Lavertus did not make it out, though their deaths are unconfirmed. Scorm almost made it out, but Laval gave him their last orb of Chi and told him to use it wisely. Unfortunately, Scorm did not see any use for it and blamed it for their tragedy and loss of his people, so he threw it into a chasm that opened during the fight. Unbeknownst to him, he accidentally woke up Sir Fangar and unfroze him.

Later, Scutter and Scolder brought more Chi to Scorm, but he had it thrown into the chasm too, which Sir Fangar used to unfreeze his Ice Tribe soon, they climbed out and started spreading their ice, which froze the Scorpions, the Spiders, Shadow Wind's helmet and the tank Crominus and Crunket had fallen into the Gorge in. They lifted it and released their Sabre-Tooth Walkers, Ice Mammoth Stompers and Ice Vulture Gliders, then escaped into the Fangs.

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