Scolder is the general of the Scorpion Tribe and the first to use the Dark Tribes' Speedorz.


Originally, Scolder was just an ordinary scorpion living in the Gorge of Eternal Depth until Chi dropped by Laval caused him and other scorpions to evolve along with the spiders and bats, and they gained an intense hunger for more Chi. They captured Crominus and Crunket and took them to the surface where they were showed the source of Chi, Mount Cavora. They then blocked up the falls so they could steal all of the Chi, but were interrupted by the Tribes of Chima.

The Legend ThiefEdit

After the mind-controlled Raven Legend Beast stole Golden Chi from Lavertus, Scolder led their forces to stop Cragger, Eris, Gorzan, Rogon, Bladvix and Worriz from entering the cave, even controlling Bladvix, but he fell asleep. He fought Cragger, only to get gold painted by Laval and ShadoWind. The Raven Beast then threw them into the cave and they retreated. Scorm yelled at Scolder until they realised they beat them because they were fast and used Razar's Speedor to make their own.

The Eagle and the BearEdit

Scolder then tested out their first Speedor and tried to beat Laval with help from Scrug, but Laval limboed their tail trap and they were caught in a tree.

Tooth or ConsequencesEdit

Scolder tried to get the Wolf Legend Beast under their control before Scorm stung it.

This May Sting a BitEdit

Scolder fought the Chima heroes, Rinona, Lavertus, the Legend Beasts and Crominus, only for the cave to collapse and Scolder was trapped inside, but he survived.

Fire DreamingEdit

Scolder and Scutter brought Scorm some more Chi on the Scorpion Stinger, but Scorm refused to take it and threw it down into a gorge in the Scorpion Cave, which woke up the Ice Tribe. While filling in the hole, Scrug's tongue got frozen and Scolder and Scutter tried to help him, but got frozen themselves.


Scolder in the TV Show.

Cool and CollectedEdit

He was later held in Sir Fangar's ice trophy collection.

A Very Slippery SlopeEdit

He was later accidentally unfrozen by Flinx and started to fight with Laval's team, but Flinx melted the Ice Fortress and sent them plummeting back into the gorge, but Spinlyn saved them.

After the Great Illumination, Scolder and the Crawlers were turned nice and became friends with the cured Hunters and Chima tribes, celebrating Christmas with them.

Gallery Edit

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