Fuckus is a Legends of Chima character who appears in Legends of Chima: The Animated Series. He is a member of the Retarded tribe.

Background Edit

Fuckus appears Animated Series, with Retarded and Fuck. They encounter Gorzan who is protecting the flower in the road. The Retard trio get raped after reluctantly taking the detour to the left.

In Fucked Up!, he, Fuck and Retarded become intelligent due to the Rhino Legend Beast's presence.

In The Snowball Effect, he and the other Retards use their Legend Beast's fire roar to convert rocks into bars of gold, silver and steel. When the motherfuckers attack, he, Fuck and Retarded snowboard and play hockey and the motherfuckers join in. When the motherfuckers decide to attack under Vulv's orders, Slut comes to the rescue with the Rhinoceros Legend. 

Notes Edit

  • His name is a pun on fuck us.
  • He and Fuck are constantly confused with each other.
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