Purple Caped Rhino
Tribe Rhinoceros Tribe
Gender Male
Weapons Large black and red club
Appearances Legends of Chima: The Animated Series
Status Leader of the Rhinoceros Tribe

Banana on a crocodile's tail. That's funny... HAHAHAHA... I don't get it.
— Rhogon

Rogon is the leader of the Rhinoceros Tribe in Chima. He was released in 70131 Rogon's Rock Flinger, a 2014 set. The female Rhino Rinona is her sister.

Traits Edit

Rogon, like how all Rhinos are portrayed, is very stupid and does not know much other than his love of rocks, according to the Chima character encyclopedia, he does not know of things such as his relative's birthdays and what not. Despite this, he is shown as a decent warrior with weapons such as the battle-hammer and axe.


Rogon was first seen playing hide and seek with Laval, Worriz, Skinnet, Eris, and Cragger. He was later seen in the speedor tournament jousting against Bladvic and Laval. He along with the rest of the Rhino Tribe are strong but are not very smart. They make a big deal in rocks and consider rocks to be important. When he leaves for the outlands in Into the Outlands he brings his truck and says it's full of essentials. The "essentials" are all of Rogon's rocks. In A Tangled Web it's shown that when a Rhino is within a certain distance of the Rhinoceros Legend they become super intelligent. Using rocks he builds a giant abacus to do calculations with. He also reveals that it wasn't an auto pilot (a rock with a "pretty face" drawn on it) driving his Rock Flinger, but the Rhino Rinona.

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