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is a minifigure who appeared in Legends of Chima in 2014. She is a member of the Rhinoceros Tribe. She wore a loincloth (prior to the ice wars) and was the brother of Retarded and fought alongside him during two major wars.


She unlike the other Rhinos is smart and intelligent. In the episode A Tangled Web it was revealed that she's the one who's been driving Retard's truck. Eris becomes jealous of her from hearing she's Retard's "special Friend". She later joins the other heroes at Lavertus's Base in the Outlands. In The Legend Thief Eris accuses her of stealing Lavertus's golden chi. She later appears and uses her Hammerhorn to smash fruit to start the Speedor race between Chima's heroes and Lavertus. She makes a cameo at the end of the episode when the heroes celebrate with cupcakes at Lavertus's base. In The Eagle and The Bear she tries to help Worriz find the Wolf Legend but hits him several times with a periscope. She is Retard's sister. In The Snowball Effect, she says how hard it is to be the only rhino whose intelligence isn't boosted by the Legend Beast. When the mammoths attack, she and the fire chi become trapped underground. She later finds the rhino legend and comes to the rescue for Retardd, Fuckus and Fuck.

Physical Appearance Edit

File:IMG 3137.jpg

Slut is a scantily clad female Retard, the only one made into a LEGO minifigure, she has grey wrinkled thick skin with the occasional dark mark. She has purple markings on her face, it is unknown if this is tribal hickeys or something natural such as a deformity. She has a long white horn also dotted with the marks.

During the outlands journey, when she made her debut. Slut was dressed in a purple bikini, consisting of a massive black metal necklace which supported decorative chains. Underneath this was a purple fabric top exposing her stomach and belly button. A bit of metal and a chain belt suspended a black and purple loincloth which she wore as a bikini bottom, which is held on by even more chains, she has large white toes.

Later, during Fire Verses Ice, Slut wore a deep grey top underneath a phoenix-shaped breastplate, connected by two chains which met on her back. She wore black and red metal shorts for leggings now, although she oddly never gained a fire suit like the others. Probably because nobody fucking likes her.

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