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There are many relationships in Legends of Chima, both romances and friendships. Here are a list of all of them. Edit

Laval and ErisEdit

Laval and Eris are close friends and always help each other when they are in need the most. Ever since Cragger turned evil due to Crooler's manipulation by using a Persuader Plant, Laval started to pay attention to Eris more. Eris prefers Laval's company than most of the eagles in the Eagle Tribe. Laval likes to casually flirt with her. During the series, it is shown that Eris cares deeply for Laval. Many animals think they are dating, but although they have deny it many times, they do have a crush on each other.

Laval and CraggerEdit

Laval and Cragger are best friends. But they were enemies in season 1 when Cragger turned evil. In for chima episode 20 they became friends again.

Cragger and CroolerEdit

Cragger and Crooler are brother and sister. she is the one who turned cragger evil.she used the persuader plant on him.

Laval and LagravisEdit

Laval and Lagravis seem to have a very strong bond. and he keeps on talking about the Great Story although Laval keeps thinking it's boring. Lagravis became very proctive of him. Lagravis cares deeply about his son, however, he does want Laval to grow up. In "Legend of Chima" Lagravis was very angry at Laval for sneakng into the Lion temple. Got into a fight with Cragger's father. Laval can act like a kid from time, which Lagravis can get very upset by. In "The Joy Ride" Laval use his father's tank and in the end of the episode Lagravis yells "Does my tank have wings? LAVAL!" Laval's mother is not seen in the show, so it is unknown what happened to her. However, father and son are very close. It is possible that Laval looks more like his mother, causes Lagravis to be an overprotective father to his son.

Fluminox and Eris

In Season 3 you can see Eris no longer needs Rogan and is stating to like Fluminox because he is always complementing how she is like an Phoenix and helps her reach her full potential when they get stuck in the gorge of eternal death in the Fangs. So basically Fluminox and Eris are getting together.

Li'ella And TormakEdit

Tormak is Li"ella's adopted father.Tormak does everything he can to protect her. In episode 31,"The Cresent", Laval shows to have a crush on Li'ella and casually flirting with her which Tormak does not approve of And Laval also loves Li'ella and Li'ella thinks all the Lions in his city are very cute and they both have feelings for each other. 

Fluminox and FlinxEdit

Flinx is the Son of Fluminox. Even over 1,000 years old, Flinx still acts like a kid. Fluminox hopes to take care of his tribe and help Flinx 'find his spark'. So that's why Fluminox decides to leave Flinx with Laval and eris to get his spark he's been looking for.

Worriz and WindraEdit

At first, Worriz just had a crush on Windra but she didn't like him. But then they both had feelings for each other and the reason why is Worriz obviously has a crush on Windra because she's "beautiful" although she hates him.

Laval and Li'ellaEdit

Laval is in love with Li'ella. Li'ella cares for him. In the end episode Li'ella says to a vulture "Get away from my boyfriend!"

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