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Tribe Raven Tribe
Gender Male
Weapons Silver Chi Blade, Spear
Appearances 70100 Ring of Fire
70012 Razar's Chi Raider
Status Warrior

Pleasure doing business with you!
— Razar

Razar is a warrior (possibly second in command) in the Raven Tribe in Chima. He owns two vehicles: a Chi Raider and a Speedorz. He is greedy, like all the Ravens. He appears in three sets, known as 70100 Ring of Fire, 70003 Eris' Eagle Interceptor, and 70012 Razar's Chi Raider. Like five other members of different tribes, Razar will appear as a construction Hero Factory style set.

Description Edit

Razar is a greedy raven who is constantly looking for an opportunity to make a profit. He is, however, first and foremost a friend of the other 7 great warriors of Chima, and will do anything to preect them from harm.

In "The Crescent," he sells mittens and other warm clothing to the other tribes, although Balkar and Rogon are his only customers.


  • His name is a play on the word "razor." Along with Laval, his name is in the form of a palindrome.
  • He is obsessed with stealing and "trinkets and treasure", and has stolen numerous weapons from other Animal Tribes just to sell them and then steal them again.
    • This is based on the old belief that magpies and crows steal shiny objects. The other ravens also exhibit this behavior, and their city is a scrapyard.
  • His armor is not seen in-show.
  • One of his hands is a hook.
  • Razar is the representative of the raven tribe in the Chima competitions.
  • When they first go into Lavertus' lair, Razar see some flasks and picks them up, saying "So many things to steal!" When Lavertus looks at him, he puts them back. "Er, so many things to admire!"
  • In the first episode of Season 2, the team is cornered by a cloud of bats. Razar pulls out several white surrender flags and tries to sell them. Worriz yells at him, "Why do you even have those?"
  • He sometimes call Laval a 'goody two paws.'



TV SeriesEdit

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