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The Raven Tribe is one of the eight animal warrior tribes in Chima. They are in league with the Crocodile Tribe, the Wolf Tribe, and the Rhinoceros Tribe. Their leader is Rawzom. The second in-command is Razar.

This will be one of the first tribes to explore beyond the Outlands at the end of season 3.


A group of ravens.

Members Edit

  • Rizzo
  • Rawzom
  • Razcal
  • Razar♙
  • Ripnick

Raven VehiclesEdit


A raven-themed glider driven by Razcal.

Chi RaiderEdit

A form of raven jet that is made out of random materials from there junk yard. it is shown to flap its wings when it flies and is verry fast

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