Raven home

The Raven home

This is where the Raven Tribe dwells and in


The Raven Tribe lives in an hideout with their own Speedorz track. It has junk all over the place (which the ravens think is treasure). Their homes are black and brown with metal coverings on the layers of their Raven tower. Basically, everything on the surface is made of junk, hiding anything of any value (including a Fire Wing Harness) under piles of scrap metal.


  • Rawzom King of the Ravens
  • Razar Prince of the tribe and dealer
  • Rizzo Scavenger of the tribe
  • Razcal Collector, Counter of the tribe that doesn't steal
  • Reabait Alchemist and also an dealer
  • Ripnik Thief of the tribe
  • Reegull The hybrid of the tribe which also both the Eagle Tribe and Raven Tribe didn't want, he creates fake CHI Orbs in an alchemy lab

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