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Persuasive Plant
The Persuasive Plant is a special plant. It was used by Crooler to brainwash Cragger and turn him evil. This caused him to start the war to avenge his parents and get all of the Chi.

Appearances Edit

In Fake Chi, Real Trouble, Crooler runs out of plants, allowing Cragger's mind to clear and making him happy again. They are apparently very hard to grow.

Crooler accidentally discovers their roots have even more power than the flower, and burning them creates the Fog of Destiny, which lulls those inside it into a dream-like state where they are shown their destiny. She used the root to distract the mightiest heroes in Chima from signing a peace treaty. This causes Cragger to become malevolent once again by showing him the promise of ruling all of Chima; however, Crooler no longer has the ability to control her brother, and is locked in the dungeon. Cragger remained in this state until For Chima!, when Laval and Cragger fell off of the drawbridge at the lion's castle, and Laval threw himself under Cragger to break his fall.

In This May Sting a Bit, it was revealed that Crominus had once grown and used Persuasive Plants he got from Reagle on Lavertus to make him stay away from Crunket. Although it was partially effective, Lavertus' love was ultimately too powerful for the plan to succeed. Crominus then used the plant to make Lavertus steal Chi from the Sacred Pool of Chi, which resulted in Lavertus' exile. Plants he left growing in the Swamp were later discovered and used by Crooler.

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