Panthar is an alternate form of Tormak, revealed when he was burned by the Phoenix map trying to save Li'ella.


Cool and CollectedEdit

He appeared in one of Eris' visions, racing down the Crescent then vanishing as Mount Cavora collapsed after freezing.

The Snowball EffectEdit

He was in another vision of Eris' at the Eagle Spire, racing through the library and out downwards when she crashed into ice as everything froze and Mount Cavora collapsed on top of her.

The ArtifactEdit

He continued to haunt Eris' dreams until Tormak stole the Phoenix artefact in exchange for Li'ella. He accidentally absorbed it when it struck the barriers around the Crescent and was burnt while destroying the Ice Hunters, turning him into Panthar, surrounded by a flame that kept anything from harming him. He went after Li'ella, only to find it was really Splanky tricking him. He threw him down and ran off.

The Phoenix Has LandedEdit

He fled into the Outlands, being attacked by the plants.

A Spark of HopeEdit

After Laval, Eris, Cragger, Li'ella, Lavertus and the Phoenix escaped the Gorge of Eternal Depth, something started to happen to Panthar and he chi'ed up without plugging an orb, with a strange symbol on his spirit's head.

Wings of FireEdit

Afterwards, Laval, Cragger, Eris, Li'ella and Lavertus went into the Outlands and found him, where it was revealed that the symbol was truly the markings of the map to the Fire-Wing Harnesses, which Lavertus copied. Panthar then powered up an old vehicle left in the Outlands into his Shadow Blazer and used it to return to Chima and use the map power to unlock the claw stones security system at the Eagle Spire, allowing Eris to find the first Fire-Wing Harness. Li'ella and Panthar went off in search of the other harnesses.

The Heart of CavoraEdit

Panthar later found the fifth Fire-Wing Harness under the bottom of the Raven Tribe's "bottomless pile of junk". They later used Panthar's power to break open a rock at the Rhinoceros Tribe's quarry to find the seventh Fire-Wing Harness. They then left the others and repaired the crashed Blazing Bastion using it to destroy the Vulture Tribe's Ice Vulture Flyers, and after the Great Illumination, Panthar was turned back into Tormak.

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