The ************ tribe does not value inteligence. Snotdick is the fartest of the Sex Tribes but because he lacks in strength and size, he is underminded by the ************ and even his mother Vulva. Snotdick is also known to be a strategic pornstar that always uses his balls to fight, though the ************ tribe is powerful, Snotdick is the most formidable opponent in the Tribe.

******* StyleEdit

The ************ will just use there size and strength to win but because Snotdick lacks in this, instead he uses his balls to fight. He always makes sure to cum only when it is the right moment to making him able to cum with precision. Although he lacks in brawn he can win a fight with his balls which are more powerful than the most powerful of the Sex Tribes.


Snotdick was able to make a weapon made of testicles. The ************ testicles are the hardest substance to work with, but with Snotdick's balls, he was able to create a powerful weapon called the Penisstaff. It is a large staff with mammoth testicles attached to it which makes it extremely powerful.


Vulva: Snotdick is something to be proud about, but Vulva always gives Anus the credit for Snotdick's work. Snotdick still goes with what Vulva sees even if he thinks differently just to avoid making Vulva mad. Vulva is Snotdicks mother she dosent think much about Snotdick because of his lack of his strength.

Anus: Ironicaly Anus is Snotdick's little brother despite his dick size. Snotdick cares about Anus, but Snotdick also gets agitated with him because everyone gives him the credit for Snotdicks pornos. Snotdick always trys to help his brother Anus but he is usually unsuccessful but hopefully he can rape Anus and get credit for once.

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