Mungus as a toy.

Mungus is a dumb, child-like mammoth was a massive stature and girth, capable of moving extremely large objects and creating small earthquakes with his club. He was able to push Rogon's truck over and take shots from blasters showing no sign of struggle. Mungus acts like a child when not told to do anything like playing in the snow, which he did with the rhinos every so often. He speaks entirely in the first-person.

His brother, Mottrot, is often getting injured do to his clumsiness and lack on intelligence. His mother Maula is over-protective of him, and as seen in "The Crescent," is willing to end a battle prematurely just to make sure he is not injured, even if they are clearly winning.


Mungus has a huge club with spikes on it called the Tung-tuska. It is the biggest melee weapon of the ice tribe. The weapon can shake the ground when slammed showing how strong this weapon is.


  • Mungus is a play on word on Humungous, His huge size matches with his name.

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