Maula is not only the queen of the mammoth tribe, but also the mother of Mottrot and Mungus. Most of the time, she watches over her sons during battles while fighting simultaneously. She yells at Mottrot a lot, but she cares for them dearly. If she sees one of her sons hurt in battle, she will rush in and defend her sons to the death. However she is known to love Mungus over Mottrot, usually making Mottrot follow orders from Mungus. (Similar to how King Crominus and Queen Crunket prefer Cragger over Crooler.) But one things for sure, you don't want to mess with this mammoth matriarch!


Whenever in battle there are two things she never leaves without, her sons and her mamzooka. the mamzooka is one of the biggest weapons in the mammoths arsenal, capable of destroying a lion tank with one shot. However, this weapon is not very accurate, and must be aimed carefully. It is best for others to stay away from her when she wields it, especially in the event that her sons are being targeted.

Relationships Edit

Mungus: Between the two of them, Maula definitely prefers Mungus over Mottrot. Most of the time, she worries about Mungus being injured in battle, so she always stays close to his side.

Mottrot: Ironically, Mottrot is Mungus' big brother. However, due to the obvious size and muscle tone difference, Maula strongly prefers Mungus over Mottrot. In "Fire Dreaming," she forced him to give up his orb for Mungus, even though he warned her that he would die again without it. Whenever Mottrot is hurt in battle, Maula always thinks Mottrot is being clumsy or lazy in battle, even if he is badly hurt. In "The Call of Cavora," she calls him out as lazy, even though she can clearly see he got crushed by a rock. She also fails to notice much of his effort, or pretends not to notice. In "The Cresent," she ignores the fact that he recovered and repaired the Ice Tribes' Speedorz, mostly focused on Mungus simply carrying them. However, though it sometimes may not look like it, Maula actually does love Mottrot, and he is hoping to impress her with his own talents someday.

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