Vulva was not only the queen of the mutherfucker tribe but she is also the mother of Snotdick and Anus. Most of the time, she watchess over her spawns during sex but that dosnt mean that she can't have sex herself. She yells at Snotdick a lot, but she cares for them dearly. (Especially Anus) If she sees one of her spawns hurt in sex, she will rush in and finish off who ever hurt her spawns with pure ass-power. However she is known to love Anus over Snotdick, usually making Snotdick follow orders from Anus. (Similar to how King Crominus and Nigga Fuckit prefer Cragger over Pooper.) But one things for sure, you dont want to mess with this motherfucker cunt!


whenever in sex there are two things she never leaves without, her spawns and her marijuana. the marijuana is one of the best drugs in the motherfuckers arsinal capable of distroying your mind with one dose. however this drug is not very legal but if it gets you high its truly worth it. its best for others to stay away from her when she wealds it especaly if you attacked her spawns Snotdick and Anus.


Anus: In between the two of them, Vulva definitely prefers Anus over Snotdick. Most of the time, she worries about Anus being injured in battle, so she always stays close to his side.

Snotdick: Ironically, Snotdick is Anus' big brother! However, due to the obvious size and muscle tone difference, Vulva strongly prefers Anus over Snotdick. In Fire Dreaming, she forced him to give up his orb for Anus, even though he warned her that he would die again without it. Whenever Snotdick is hurt in battle, Vulva always thinks Snotdick is being clumsy or lazy in battle even if he is badly hurt. In The Call of Cavora, she calls him out as lazy, even though she can clearly see he got crushed by a rock. She also fails to notice much of his work, too. In The Cresent, she ignores the fact that he recovered and repaired the Sex Tribes' speedorz, mostly focused on Anus simply carrying them. (You can tell he doesn't get her many Mother's Day gifts.) However, even though it may not look like it, Vulva actually does love Snotdick, and he is hoping to impress her with his own sexual talents someday.

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