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Market Day
Market Day Title
Airdate July 24, 2013
Episode and Season # Season One, Episode Five
Written by Unknown
Directed by Unknown
Episode Guide
The Joyride
Attack on Eagle Spire

Market Day is the fifth episode in season one of Legends of Chima: The Animated Series. It aired on July 24, 2013.


The episode starts with Cragger practicing his Speedorz skills in The Croc Swamp Hideout. After hitting a bump, he tumbles head over heels on the marshy ground, landing straight at his conniving sister Crooler's scaly feet. She assures him that he will not have to race at the monthly Speedorz tournament held at The Lion Temple, but Cragger objects, saying he enjoys racing. However, after Crooler whispers in his ear and Cragger gets a whiff of the evil flower, they walk off chuckling.

Meanwhile, Laval and Eris are visiting the Market set up for the tournament. First, they visit the Rhino stall after parking their Speedorz. When Rogon, Rukus, and Runk try to sell them some rocks, Laval chuckles that rocks are found all over the world and there was no need to sell them. When the Rhinos hear this, they happily exclaim "We're rich!!!" After Laval and Eris leave, Ripnik the Raven appears, sees there is nothing of value to steal, and flies off. Then, Laval and Eris walk past the Bear stall, breezing past the sleepy Bladvic murmuring about selling honeycombs. Ripnik flies in, steals the honeycombs, and flies away. Soon, Laval and Eris visit the Eagle stall. After saying hello to Light Blue Eagles, Eglor, and Ewald, they witness them trip. When they get back up, the goods in their hands are gone. Ripnik flies off grinning to the Gorilla stall. Upon greeting Gorzan and Grizzam, he promptly steals everything in sight under the Gorillas' astonished eyes. When Laval and Eris visit the Wolf stall, a huge tent, they are greeted by Winzar, saying that only those who qualify can enter. Laval glares at the sign, crossing off the heads of all animals except wolves, and moves on while Ripnik steals the sign. The eventually come to the Raven stall, selling basically all the stolen market goods. Laval accuses Razar, Rawzom, and Ripnik of stealing, which of course they deny.

After walking off disgusted, Laval reaizes that his Speedor has been stolen. With a suspect in mind, he confronts a frightened Razar, who is caught in the act of repainting Laval's Speedor with "a stylish paint job" and dirtying up the spotless wheel to disguise it. After a short fight with the Ravens, Eris brought a box of... nothing. After Rawzom frantically looks through their inventory and panicks, saying that they don't have nothing as they have everything, Laval buys his Speedor back and he arrives at the race. After being made fun of by Worriz, Gorzan, and Rogon, he realizes that the Golden Chi has been replaced by a cheap plastic ball, which promptly falls from its post and rolls to Lagravis' feet. Aggravated, he orders Leonidas and Longtooth to gather the troops and chase down the prime suspects: The Ravens. Sure enough, Razar's CHI Raider is found escaping with the Chi. Laval takes control of a Chi Raider and smashes it into the others, dropping all of the Raven's merchandise. After Laval threatens to damage the Raven's merchandise, the ravens immediately agree to his 3 demands. First, they handed over the Golden Chi. Second, they scrubbed all the cheap paint off of Laval's Speedor. Just as Laval was asking the third demand, "Who hired you," Cragger shows up, but is frightened away by several of Gorzan's Gorilla Strikers, Lion Vehicles, Lion "Tanks", and Eagle Fighters.

Once the CHI is returned, the race begins, with an Eagle announcer similar to Equila describing the match. First, the challengers had to pass through The Jungle Gates, where Bevar's Speedor crashes. Then, Gorzan spun out in the Ring of Fire. After passing through a wall of Boulders and CHI-ing up at the CHI Waterfall and an Ice Tower, a new competitor appears: Cragger! However, Worriz soon makes a second appearance after being stuck in Boulder Bowling, startling Eris, causing her to crash, and knocking Laval to the side. Worriz then explains that Crooler paid him to dispose of both Laval AND Cragger, and before Cragger knows what is happening, Worriz unseats him and wins the Golden CHI. Cragger, extremely angry, escapes in his "crocopter." The episode ends with Worriz being cheered on by several wolves.

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