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This page is a list of Vehicles powered by the energy source Chi, in which the Animal Tribes use in their everyday lives.


Lion TribeEdit

  • Lennox' Lion Attack
  • Laval's Royal Fighter

Eagle TribeEdit

  • Eris' Eagle Interceptor
  • Equilla's Ultra Striker
  • Eglor's Twin Bike

Gorilla TribeEdit

  • Gorzan's Gorilla Striker
  • Other gorilla strikers

Crocodile TribeEdit

  • Cragger's Command Ship
  • Crawley's Claw Rripper

Raven TribeEdit

  • Razar's Chi Raider
  • Razcal's Glider

Wolf TribeEdit

  • Worriz' Combat Lair
  • Wakz' Pack Tracker

All TribesEdit


See Main Article: List of Weapons

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