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Lion warriors Longtooth and Leonidas

The Lion Tribe are one of the thirteen animal tribes in Chima. They are allies with the Eagle Tribe, the Bear Tribe, and the Gorilla Tribe. Later, they became main allies with the Crocodile Tribe in Season 2. Their base is the Lion Chi Temple. They are in charge of equally distributing Chi to all of the Animal Tribes.

The Lion Tribe's government is known to include a monarchy and a council of elders. The lions distribute the Chi and maintain the pool which it comes from.

This will be one of the first tribes to explore beyond the Outlands at the beginning of season 5.

The Lions are known for being fair and just, and were the first tribe to evolve. One of the reasons that the lions tribe controls the chi is because lagravis is very fair and just!

Lion VehiclesEdit

Laval's Royal fighterEdit

A tank used by Lagravis, and later handed down to Laval.
Royal Fighter

Royal Fighter


Lion Claw BikesEdit

two mini vehicles

Lavertus ' Twin BladeEdit

A vehicle used in Season 2 against The Dark Tribes .

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