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The Lion Chi Temple is a large temple serving as a base of operations for the Lion Tribe. It is a symbol of power in Chima, and is the central of government. Lagravis rules it.

Lion Chi Temple


  • The waterfall on Mount Cavora flows into the Lion Chi Temple. The orbs of Chi from the waterfall are stored in the temple (in the Sacred Pool of Chi), and the Lion Tribe is in charge of giving Chi out to all of the tribes equally, until the Crocodile Tribe demanded more, and arrived at the temple to start a war.
  • This is the location of where Chi is found. Its also the place where Cragger becomes evil.
    Temple HQ
  • There is a set based on it: 70010 The Lion CHI Temple.
  • Laval's room is on one of the 'upper floors.' His windows don't have any glass in them, allowing Ripnik to sneak in and steal his cloak and sword in Laval in Exile.
  • The clearing in front of the temple is used for Speedor races. The Golden Chi orb is used to turn the area into a track or obstacle course.
view · talk · edit Chima    The tribes of chima battled fo all the Chi. Some tribes are good like the Eagles, Lions and Gorillas.  On the other hand, the Wolves, Ravens and Crocodiles are bad.

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