Li'ella is a Legends of Chima minifigure released in Summer 2014. She is the only known female member of the Lion tribe. Her father, Tormak, dissaproves of Laval who appears to have a small crush on her. After the Great Illumination Tormak adopted Lundor making them brother and sister.

History Edit

There is not much about her past, since she is adopted. She once stood near her fellow Cat Guides to battle Sir Fangar, a long time ago. She was almost forced to marry Sir Fangar. She later confessed that she loves Laval.

Description Edit

Li'ella wears red clothes, a necklace with a paw print and a buckle with the fire tribe symbol. Her eyes are gold with eye lashes and she wears lip stick. Her fur is yellow with white hands and feet with claws.

Laval and liella

Laval and Li'ella talking.

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