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Lions, they may have broken our city wall but not our spirit, We fight togethor, we ROAR!
Tribe Lion Tribe
Gender Male
Weapons Silver Blade
Appearances Legends of Chima: The Animated Series
70010 The Lion CHI Temple
70108 Royal Roost
Status King

Lagravis is the king of the Lion Tribe and the father of Laval. He appears in Legends of Chima: The Animated Series, and physically in 70010 The Lion CHI Temple and 70108 Royal Roost.


Long ago, when Laval was merely a cub, they exiled one of their greatest warriors, and Lagravis' best friend: Lavertus. They didn't see or hear from Lavertus for ages. His wife is not mentioned , seen or heard from either. The Legend of Chima/The Great Story Lagravis was king of the Lion tribe that protected the Chi. When Cragger tried to steal the Chi, Lagravis and the lions stopped him. He then got in a fight with Crominus  where they fought. When Laval was in trouble Lagravis came to his aid with the Lion army. Lagravis also moderated the contest for the Golden Chi. When Laval was to get his first taste of chi, Lagravis was present. Unfortunately, the Wolfs, Crocs, allied with the Ravens attacked the Lion Temple. Lagravis then gave a roar which summoned the Eagles and Gorila's to his aid. Lagravis fought well but being outnumbered the lions began to loose. Fortunately, Laval came with a Lion Legend Beast and the Lion Temple was saved.

The Warrior WithinEdit

The JoyrideEdit

Market DayEdit

Attack on Eagle SpireEdit

The Hundred Year MoonEdit

Lagravis hears how the Hundred Year Moon Night drives the Wolves insane and closes down Chima, when Gorzan arrives and informs them that G'Loona has gone missing and he sends Laval and Gorzan to find her.

The Biggest Race EverEdit

Gorillas Gone WildEdit


In the riot created by Furtivo, Lagravis gives the Golden Chi to Shadow Wind and cancels all Speedor races.

The Chi JackersEdit

Balancing ActEdit

Crocodile TearsEdit

Cagger and the Crocodile Tribe have been held prisoner by the Wolf Tribe . When Laval told Lagravis " No one in Chima is free if a single one of us is lock in a cage " He responded " Laval ! Don't do anything RASH ! " He go mad at Longtooth because he said " Good luck with that " . Lagravis the host a meeting with the rulers of the Eagles , Rhinos , Gorillas , and Bears . At the end of the show , Lagravis tell Laval that the ruler had set up a Croc rescue later that week but Laval said he , Eris , and Shadow Wind ( Lavertus ) saved them and crush the wolves , even though the wolves was faking and was seen partying at the end , Laval was happy to be quoted by Lagravis for the first time .

Fake CHI , Real TroubleEdit

Ravens vs EaglesEdit

Lagravis once again doesn't do. He is only seen with Longtooth as Laval and his friends drive by the Lion Temple while doing tricks on their speeders. Lagravis only says "What are those kids doing?".                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

Reunion Gone WrongEdit

Laval in ExileEdit

Lagravis reluctantly exiles Laval for stealing a Golden Chi, but gets captured by Cragger and held hostage, in which Crooler tells him why Cragger is acting evil. He is rescued by Laval and temporarily releases him from exile.

The Black CloudEdit

A Black Cloud starts attacking Mount Cavora, and the Lions gather up every tribe in Chima and work together to defeat the Black Cloud and drive it away. However, unbeknownst to them, several falls in Cavora are closing up...

Relation with CrominusEdit

Lagravis and Crominus seem that they have one thing in common, both kings love their children, Lagravis loves his son Laval, and Crominus loves his son Cragger and daughter Crooler. They also both love their wives, but Crominus' wife Crunket is seen in the show and while Lagravis' wife is not seen or heard in any of the episodes. 

Trivia Edit

  • Unlike the other members of his tribe, who have red/brown and orange manes, Lagravis has a grey mane. This shows that he is an elder lion.
  • Even though he is very old, he is shown to be strong. He managed to defeat lots of wolves and crocodiles.
  • He was good friends with Lavertus, and thought to be his brother, since Lavertus is Laval's uncle.


TV SeriesEdit

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