I think if there is a next season there should be two new tribes a snake tribe being on the good sideout of the two and the tyrannosaurus tribe being bad. (snakes are my favorite animals and I hate tyrannosaurus of any kind(sorry for the tyrannosaurus disrespect). Or maby a prehistoric tribe rises like australvonator tribe or Triceratops tribe.

Added by A Wiki Contrubuter

I think that next season should feature a Pufferfish tribe and also dolphins and sharks.

Added by DaEmeraldMoon

I think there shold be a angel tribe

Added by Ladythunderblast

Big balloons

Added by PantharsLady


Added by Ladythunderblast

What do you think please tell us

Created by DaEmeraldMoon

How about a Xenomorph tribe and a Predalien.

what if the tribes of chima must defend agenst storm tribes consisting of thunder birds (leading tribe), dragons, and sea serpints. also what if laval and eris begin to grow closer because of this war.

HEY GUYS WHAT IF THE SERIES ENDED ON NOVEMBER 22 , 2014 HUH? (Just sayin itt did end but these ideas are great).

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