Ice Hunters
The Ice Tribes are the main antagonists of the third season. They are actually four tribes consisting in three different types of mammals, and one type of bird from the distant past. Thousands of years ago, the Ice Tribes were involved in a war, and fell into the Gorge of Eternal Depth and became frozen solid. They are now Pleistocene zombies plotting to reclaim Chima as their own. The Ice Tribes are made up of Saber-tooth Tigers (led by Sir Fangar), Mammoths (led by Maula), and Vultures (led by Vardy), and the Ice Bears that are lead by Icebite.


The Saber-tooth Tigers are the leaders of the four. They seem to be the main intelligence of the Ice Tribes too, as Sir Fangar has tried to lead all four tribes. Their vehicles are Saber-tooth Tiger walkers that are capable of walking on ice easily and quickly. The Saber-tooth Tigers are led by Sir Fangar, and their second-in-command is Stealthor. The leader of this tribe likes to collect his frozen victims as the tribes conquer Chima.

The Mammoths (except Motrott) are the muscles of the Ice Tribes. In fact, one of them (Mungus) is capable of flipping Rogon's support vehicle over with great ease. Their vehicles are Mammoth walkers that can trample over any substance in Chima. The ears of their vehicles double as aircrafts in case an aerial attack is required. The Mammoths are led by Maula.

The Vultures are the stealth of the Ice Tribes. These birds can spend days watching and waiting on an opponent, just waiting for the right time to strike. Their vehicles are Vulture gliders that can stay airborne longer than those of the Eagles or Ravens. The Vultures are led by Vardy.

The Ice Bears are the Brutal/Berserk force of the Ice Hunters. They are semi-intelligent but loyal. They are they strongest tribe of the Hunters.They are feared by all, even the by the other three hunter tribes.They use their giant mechs in battle. The Ice Bear mechs are strong enough to flip over very powerful tanks. They also possess god aiming skills, like when a soldier on the mech crashed Eglor out of the sky with one big snowball. According to Sir Fangar "they love a good fight". According to Vardy the Ice Bears are completely berserk.They are lead by Icebite.

All Four tribes have the power to control ice. Thanks to the powers they have gained from the Chi, the Saber-tooth Tigers, Mammoths, Vultures, and Ice Bears are able to freeze the land and animals around them wherever they travel. The Ice Tribes also use ice as a barrier, which freezes projectiles such as our heroes' pulsorzs. The intelligence of the Saber-tooth Tigers, the muscles of the Mammoths, and the stealth of the Vultures, and the brutal force of the Ice Bears, combined with their ice-controlling powers make them the ultimate villains in Chima, and a real threat to nearly all who stand in their path.

Season Two Edit

In This May Sting a Bit, Sir Fangar of the Saber-tooth Tiger tribe was briefly seen frozen in the chasm where Scorm drops an orb of Chi.

Season Three Edit

In Fire Dreaming, the Chi that Scorm dropped became active and reacted around Sir Fangar. As the essence of the Chi encircles the Saber-tooth Tiger, his eyes glow active as he comes back to life. Sir Fangar breaks himself out of the glacier and falls to the ground. At first, he struggles to stand with his right leg being frozen, so he crawls towards the Chi. Once he reaches the orb, he grabs it for use, he tries to stand, but collapses with the orb underneath him. Suddenly, Sir Fangar becomes more powerful and his frozen limbs become stable. He then unleashes a roar, and the camera reveals more frozen animals. Sir Fangar faces his frozen comrades, stating that he now needs orbs for them. He later states that he is more powerless than ever, but when more Chi falls into the chasm (courtesy of Scorm), he changes his thoughts with the orbs exclaiming: "I am now more powerful than ever!" Frantically, Sir Fangar collects the orbs and throws them at his frozen comrades to resorect them. Saber-tooth Tigers, Mammoths, and Vultures go live again, and one-by-one, they break free from their icy prison. Once all the animals have been restored, they climb out of the chasm, freezing the land where they go. The Scorpions and Spiders notice them climb out and attack them, but their efforts are futile and the arachnids become frozen. The Ice Tribes uncover the switch of where their base fell. Sir Fangar reactivates the lever, uncovering the tribes' vehicles. The tribes then create a pathway out of ice leading out of the gorge. One vehicle at a time, the Ice Tribes make their way out and into Chima.

In The Attack of the Ice Clan, The Ice hunters have made their way to the Crocodile Swamp. Two of the Crocodiles were about to go swimming, but the water around their swamp quickly freezes. Quickly, many of the guards become frozen solid. In the cave, Crooler feels a strong chill, and both her and Cragger spot the hunters breaking in. The two reptiles attempt to escape and trap the hunters in their now frozen swamp. Outside, Cragger is shocked to find both Crunket and Crominus frozen. The two then go to a boat to flee, but that fails. Mungus manages to break open the gate to the Crocodiles' base. Cragger and Crooler then go to one of their helicroctors to flee, and they succeed. Cragger, Crooler, and a frozen Crug (attached to the vehicle) all head for the Lion temple to obtain backup. The Ice Hunters then return to their base to place their new frozen victims to Sir Fangar's collection. Meanwhile, the Lions have contacted the Eagles, Gorillas, Rhinos, and Wolves for assistance. Our heroes head to the swamp to encounter the Ice Hunters. Almost immediately, our heroes experience difficulty maneuvering on the ice. Once the tribes come into view, the heroes fire their pulsors at the zombies, but it fails and the pulsors become frozen. As they reach each other, Laval slips into Sir Fangar, and the Saber-tooth Tiger attacks. The tribes go into war. Gorzan tells the Gorillas to head up the trees, but the apes soon become frozen stuck to the branches. Rogon launces a boulder from his vehicles' catapult, and successfully hits Voomvoom and Vornon. Maula then orders her son Mungus to crush Rogon. The Mammoth lumbers toward Rogon, and flips the vehicle over, nearly crushing the ungulate. Cragger faces Vardy when his tail becomes frozen stuck. Vardy chooses to wait the fight out, which leaves the reptile furious. LaGravis then uses an orb of Chi and goes for Sir Fangar, only to be stopped by another Saber-tooth Tiger. Eventually, the heroic tribes were forced to make a retreat.

In The Call of Cavora, Sir Fangar, Maula, and Vardy are seen watching over their tribes at the Ice Fortress, pleased with the thought that Chima is pretty much theirs for the moment. While the Ice Tribes make their march, our heroes watch over from the cliffs. Since rocks were the only thing that affected them last time, our heroes decide to make a surprise-attack with the Rhinoceroses' rocks to combat them.

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