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Tribe Gorilla Tribe
Gender Male
Weapons Metal Fist
Appearances Legends of Chima: The Animated Series
Status Leader

This place is crazy!
— Gorzan

Gorzan is the leader of the Gorilla Tribe in Chima. Like 5 other members of different tribes, Gorzan appeared as an Ultrabuild Hero Factory-style set in May, 2013. He likes flowers.


The Legend of ChimaEdit

Gorzan is first seen hanging from a tree, taking a banana from Cragger, after Laval says "Banana on a crocodile's tail!" He is also seen playing hide and seek with his group of friends (Laval, Cragger, Eris, Worriz, Skinnet, and Rhogon).

The Great StoryEdit

Gorzan is at the Grand Arena against Laval in a Speedorz tournament. Gorzan is launched off of his Speedor, as he shouts "Bummer!" Laval says that Gorzan might beat him next time, in which he responds with "Groovy." When Cragger comes to challenge Laval, Gorzan, along with Eris, helps Laval up after a tree falls on him.

Later, he joins the major Chi war at the front of the Lion Chi Temple in a Jungle Striker mech.

The Warrior WithinEdit

While strolling through the Falling Jungle in his Jungle Striker mech, Gorzan, along with Grizzam and G'Loona, encounter a flower on the road. G'Looma says that they should move the flower off of the road, but Gorzan says that nature chose for the flower to grow there and they must respect that. Many tribes come by, such as the Eagle Tribe, Rhinoceros Tribe, and Raven Tribe, and Gorzan desperately tries to keep the flower safe, while telling the Animal Tribes to "Detour to the left, please."

Later, the Wolf Tribe comes by, and refuses to do what Gorzan says, so the Gorillas amd Wolves are locked in a battle. Eventually, the flower is accidentally run over by the Wolve's vehicles. Gorzan saves it by putting it on top of a hill, where it won't be in danger anymore.

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