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The Gorilla Tribe are one of the thirteen animal warrior tribes in Chima, whom have a passion for flowers and fruit. They are allies with the Lion Tribe, the Bear Tribe,  the Eagle Tribe, and the Skunk Tribe. Their leader is Grumlo.

Some people call them the 'hippies' of Chima. They love flowers and plants, have big parties, don't like to fight much, and say things like "dude," "bummer," and "groovy." Gorzan also has a bad habit of referring to his bananas as "munchies."

The gorillas are one of the first tribes to explore beyond the Outlands in Season 3.

The gorillas live in a beautiful forest sanctuary, full of giant trees with fruit large enough to live in. The gorillas, much like their real-world counterparts, are social animals, and live in small family units that each reside in a giant fruit. The gorillas eat away the inside to create more rooms, until the fruit finally dies and falls down, when they create a new home. There was a dead tree called the Bummer Tree that was never able to be moved until G'loona and Flinx used it to chase away the Ice Tribes in "Fired Up!".

Members Edit

Gorilla VehiclesEdit

Gorzan's Gorilla StrikerEdit

Giant Gorilla mechs the tribe members use in battle. According to Gorzan, you have to 'meditate' and then 'be one with the machine' to control it. In one episode, Laval tries to pilot one, but just ends up getting himself tangled up in vines.

Gorilla Striker

Gorilla Striker

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