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Picture 1
Gender Male
Weapons Unknown
Appearances 70111 Swamp Jump
Legends of Chima: The Animated Series
Status Nomad

Furtivo, sometimes called Furty, is a fox. He is a loner, a thief, and a distant cousin of the Wolf Tribe. Unlike his cousins, the wolves, he is solitary, but selfish. 



Furty's first appearance was in this episode. He steals some of the tribe's Speedorz. He then helps the wolves and Crooler steal Chi from the Lion Chi Temple's Sacred Pool of Chi, helping the wolves gain power.

Crocodile TearsEdit

Laval and Eris try desperately to seek him out when they want to save the crocodiles from being held prisoner by the wolves. Furty (disguised as Shadow Wind) ends up helping them, with the Raven's "help".

Physical Appearance Edit

Furty is a light-orange-colored fox, he has deep brown eyes and the bottom of his head is white, as are the insides of his pointed ears. His nose is small and black and his head-piece is printed with the grin one makes before pulling a trick. He has a long tail, being the only other minifigure besides Skinnet with the piece.

For clothing, being a nomad, Furty's attire is depicted having been greatly damaged over the years, as he is clad in a tattered, deep-brown sleeveless shirt with a large strip of tan cloth tied around his neck. He owns two deep red belts which both wrap around his waist. A smaller, lighter colored belt is found underneath these, this last belt suspends a twin-layered, extremely ripped, loincloth which may have once been pants, with two bits of rope dangling above it.


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