In the final 1st season episode, "For Chima!"

Plot Edit

The Crocodiles, Wolves, Rhinoceroses, and Ravens launch their attack on the Lion Temple. Laval and Eris are running for their lives, as Cragger orders his troops "Don't let them reach the Lion City!" The Crocodiles and Wolves continue to shoot at the two friends. Inside, a depressed LaGravis hears the explosions from outside, and sends in the Lion warriors. One of the Wolves chases after Eris and Laval, but Gorzan arrives just in time, and sends the Wolf flying. Gorzan then gives the Lion and Eagle some Chi, and they both use it. Eris notices one of the Raven gliders locked on Laval, and she flies up to take down the Raven. Laval reaches the top, and roars for the Lions' allies. The Eagles and Gorillas rush to their aid, while the Bears just...sleep through the war. Cragger gets agitated with the roar, and orders the Rhinos and Ravens "Rhinos, Ravens, you know what to do!" The Rhinoceros Tribe approaches the battlefield. Rogon, forgetting his orders, decides to go help the Lions, because Eris is on their side. The other Rhinos try to follow him, but Cragger reminds the other Rhinos to sabatoge the Gorillas. The others go off on their orders, while Rogon joins the heroes' side. (Guess persuading Rogon to help worked after all!) Laval looks over the war at hand; the Crocodiles and Wolves continue to shoot at the Lions, the Rhinoceroses go to sabotage the Gorillas, and the Ravens shoot down the Eagles. In the midst of the war, Laval spots ShadoWind and ponders what he is doing. The battle is fierce, and the Lions start to get the upper-hand. Cragger then orders the Crocodiles and Wolves to power up with Chi. Crawley warns him that these are their final orbs, but Cragger reassures him that they will take all the Chi in the Lion Temple once this is over. The Crocs and Wolves power up, and a dust cloud stirs up from so many individuals powering up at once. (Laval: "Uh oh.") The Chi makes their weapons even stronger; the Crocodiles and Wolves shoot the Lions, and blow right through them like a house of cards. The blasts also catapult Rogon right over to Eris, nearly missing her. The strength of their blasts is enough to cause seismic vibrations; the villainous tribes shoot at the Temple, and the impact is enough to send the Eagle gliders off course. Cragger gets in a helicopter, and orders the Crocs and Wolves to charge at the Lions. Cragger flies at the temple, but Laval tackles Cragger to the ground and orders Longtooth to close the gate, but Cragger throws a spear at the gate's gears to stop it. Cragger stands over Laval telling him it's over for the Lions; The Eagles cannot help them, the Gorillas will never arrive in time, and the Lion tanks are destroyed beyond repair or recognition. Laval and Cragger go into one-on-one combat. Laval is nearly thrown off and nearly cut-up by the helicopter. In time, the spear gives way, and Laval is left barely holding onto the gate. Cragger is ready to finish off his former friend, but gets shoved off the gate himself, pulling Laval with him. The Crocodile and Lion fall to the ground. (Which has sharp rocks jetting up from the ground.) As they fall, there are three flashbacks dating back to when they were best friends. As they fall, Laval pulls Cragger up, saving the reptile. They hit the ground, and Laval's crown falls off his head and breaks into two. Cragger wakes up and sees Laval is barely alive. Laval informs Cragger that he doesn't have much time and to take care of Chima. Cragger tells Laval to stay with him. He admits that he messed up and wants to fix things with Laval. Laval then dies on the Crocodile, with his final words being "Remember: there's always...hope." LaGravis and the other Lions arrive on the scene, and LaGravis is devastated with what he finds. LaGravis then runs to his dead son and screams his so loud, it echoes across Chima. Worriz ceases the Wolves and Crocs from firing any further. The Lion guards then carry Laval's carcass to his bedroom. Cragger grabs Laval's crown, and heads inside. Worriz is anxious to attack, but Crawley informs him that they're waiting for Cragger's orders, as he is checking on something. Cragger manages to get inside the Lion Temple and gets to Laval's room. Upon arrival, Cragger is disheartened by the body under Laval's covers. Cragger tearfully apologizes to Laval's carcass, realizing that what he really needed wasn't power or Chi, but rather his best friend. The Lion Tribe along with Gorzan, Rogon, and Eris then hear a speech from Lagravis telling them to never give up, and to get revenge for Laval. Our heroes rush out on their speedorz, and the villainous tribes just shoot them off. Only Gorzan, Rogon, Eris, and Lagravis reach them, but they are quickly picked off. Cragger is upset by the sight of the war, and wishes that Laval was still alive. He then looks under his covers, and sees that it's a dummy, with a note informing Cragger that Laval is NOT dead. Laval goes on to reveal that it was the only way he could buy some time to recover the one thing that will restore the peace. Cragger, joyful with the news, rushes outside. Outside, the Lion Tribe and their three present allies are totally defeated. The exhausted warriors from the other tribes soon arrive. Worriz is ready to finish off LaGravis, but then, everyone hears a roar and watches Laval and another rider on a Legend Beast. Everyone is shocked from the sight, but LaGravis reveals that his son faked his death in order to retrieve what he thought would be the Lion Beast. However, Cragger informs him that the Legend beast he's on isn't the Lion Beast. (Heck, it's not even a mammal!) Laval shows up on: The Crocodile Beast! And Laval reveals the identity of his passenger: Queen Crunket, much to Cragger's happiness.

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