"Fire Dreaming is the first episode of the Season 3 of "Lego:Legends of Chima the animated series. It is episode 27.


Eris starts having odd dreams of bursting in to flames though Cragger and Laval don't believe her. While telling her freinds about her dreams she is quickly interrupted by Wanald and G'loona. After telling the young animals how they defeated the crawlers Eris states that most of the CHI was not recovered. Cragger then states that the CHI is ready to burst into flaming birds. Annoyed Eris flys of. Meanwhile Scorm commands is scorpion comrades to get rid of all of the stolen CHI. However unfortunately the CHI awoke Sir Fangar , A Saber toothed tiger. He uses the rest of the dropped CHI to awaken his alies after 1,000 years of dreamless sleep. Scorm and all his comrades are then frozen is ice by the hunters. Meanwhile the Chi day market takes place. Eris is giving Blavdic an alarm clock when her arms start catching on fire. She then runs in to a wooden tub (Which skinnet farted in) to put out the flames. She quickly realizes is was another dream. Later all the 8 main tribe members meet at a campfire all sharing their versions of the great story (exept for blavdic who was sleeping and also the beavers were there) Which soon results in an argument. Later skinnet is walking in the fangs and suddenly he quickly realizes the gorge is cold and then states "oh no" whatever happens next is unknown but it is likely skinnet was frozen.


, Sir Fangar serves as the main antagonist of Season 3.

. Prod. Code - 301

. This is the first episode of Season 3

. This is the first part of episode Fire Dreaming

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