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Tribe Eagle Tribe
Gender Male
Weapons Gold Chi Blade, Axes
Appearances 70101 Target Practice
70013 Equila's Ultra Striker
70004 Wakz' Pack Tracker
Legends of Chima (Comic Series)
Status Prince

Equila is prince of the Eagle Tribe. He is also Ewald's son and Elida and Eris's older brother.He is one of the announcers of the Speedor Arena in the Jungle of Life. Equila is a preety clever boy in his time, and is one very good fighter too. He can fight a bad guy with with and with out his wings or his hands on any bad guy who comes his way. Impresive ay. And he now has his girlfriend named Erianna with her new baby boy Equilor on the way. So he cares very deeply and loveingly for his Girlfriend and baby boy just as much as his family. So don't mess with him or his girl, or you'll be sorry.


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Equila is the Eagles' flying "ace" and loves to dive bomb enemies, whether in play or in battle. Equila flies an Eagle jet, a powerful feathered master of the skies, and takes great pains to keep the coveted jet in excellent repair. When not flying, Equila is the proud guardian of the mighty Eglaxxor, the first royal weapon of the Eagle tribe.


  • He is thought to be the most toughest brother in the Eagle Tribe in millions of years.



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