Although most of the elephant tribe love to fight the same cant be sead for the beutiful queen of the elephants. elsa is fair, honest, and wise when it comes to running her tribe. she is marreid to eguar but she is actualy in love with the owl king ortherus and because of this it makes things dificult sence her tribe is in war with his. her main weapon is a tusknor even though she never uses it.


because she is a pasivist she rarely uses a weapon but because of the war with the owls she always carries a war hammer called a tusknor. this massive war hammer is capable of delivering a shock on the ground simimler to an earth quake when she slams it on the ground. but because of her peaceful nature she never uses it.


eguar: elsa is married to eguar by force but she has feelings for the owl king despite the war. she has no idea it was him who started the war but she is still with him even if it is agenst her wishes.

ortherus: befor the war elsa and ortherus were in love with each other. but after eguar distroyed the owl temple the two tribes went into a huge war between each other. although rival tribes they still are in love with each other and no war can stop them.

fighting styleEdit

although she never fights she will if she must to live. even if she fights she only gose defenceive never offenceve but will slam her hammer if she needs to make others loose balance so she can escape.


  • elsa is a fake character made by a fan
  • her and ortheruses relationship is similer to romio and juliets
  • she is named after the snow queen elsa in frozen

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