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The Eagle Tribe is one of the eight animal tribes in Chima. They are allies team with the Lion Tribe, the Bear Tribe,  the Gorilla Tribe, and the Skunk Tribe. Their leader is Ewald. The princess of the tribe is Eris.

The eagles, who live in cliffs, are known for being analytical and having the ability to fly without vehicles makes them a rival for the raven tribe.  They have a Ruling Council, but the history of a weapon wielded by Eris called the Eglaxxor suggests some form or another of Eagle Tribe royalty, though it is possibly a thing of the past. The eagles' vehicles are coloured blue and white with yellow beaks. The vehicles fly and have escape pods.

This will be one of the first tribes to explore beyond the Outlands in season 3.


Eagle VehiclesEdit

Eris' Eagle InterceptorEdit

A flying vehicle driven by Eris and the other eagles. It is mostly used in the lego legends of chima tv show on cartoon network

Eglor's Twin BikeEdit

An Eagle motorcycle driven by Eglor. It is able to turn into a jet. It is made by Eglor.

Equila's Ultra StrikerEdit

A tank vehicle that Can fly and has an escape pod. Its wings can fold up and down. It is driven by Equila.

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