Eagle Spire

Eagle Spires

The Eagle Spires is an home for the Eagle Tribe

What is the "Eagle Spire"Edit

The Eagle Spires is an giant cliff with eagle like homes and an giant eagle head on top. There are multiple libraries and homes for the Eagles. There are no roads because like Eris says "Where we are headed we don't need roads, We got WINGS instead", so this is the reason cause eagles are sky born like the Phoenix Tribe says. So this is hard for land animals (like Laval who are always falling).


  • Ewald king of the Eagles and father of Eris and Equilla
  • Eris Princess of the Eagle tribe and friends of Laval, Bladvic, Razar, Fluminox, Rogon and Worriz.
  • Equila Prince of the tribe and Eris's brother and hosts the Speedorz races
  • Ewar Head Warrior of the Tribes battle tactics.
  • Eglor Tech specialists of the tribe
  • Elida The eagle who helps you in Legends of Chima online
  • Elkar Friend of Ewald and part of the Eagle's ruling council

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