Cruz is the general of the Crocodile Tribe, and one of the main enemies in Legends of Chima Online.


Cruz is a blue crocodile with white claw marks on his face, orange eyes, bone shoulder armour, a cape, and a gray helmet with a skull on it.


He is the one of the strongest Croc bosses, residing in a cave in the northern area of Raven Rift. When you fight him in his dungeon he states that he does not serve Cragger, seeing him only as an annoying upstart. He is only willing to serve King Crominus.


  • Most portals that you activate in the game will have you fight Cruz among the other Crocs, being easily recognizable with his blue skin. He usually appears when the portal is around half-charge.
  • He uses a Dread Vengious Blade as his primary weapon (a gold croc blade with a dark violet laser shaft). It is possible to get this weapon by beating him in his dungeon.
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