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Tribe Crocodile Tribe
Gender Female
Weapons Persuasive Plant (against Cragger) (formerly)
Appearances 70006 Cragger's Command Ship
Status Princess

Crooler is the princess of the Crocodile Tribe, and is the main\true antagonist of the Legends of Chima franchise. Her mother is Crunket, her brother is Cragger, and her father is Crominus. She is female, and this is evident by the fact that she wears a torn purple bikini. She is exclusive to the set 70006 Cragger's Command Ship. She likes to trick her brother Cragger, and does it successfully (mostly).


  • Her name is a play on the word crueler.
  • She is one of only three females in Chima. The other females are Eris and Windra.
  • Crooler is Cragger's sister, confirmed in a comic book in the LEGO Club Magazine, making her a princess.
  • She was hatched just seconds before Cragger.
  • In the TV show, she uses a Poisonous Flower to hypnotize Cragger to make him want to destroy the Lions. However, she later runs out, allowing Cragger to clear his mind and become good again.
  • Her spikes are not purple in the set.
  • She is the first Lego character to have piercings, including a nose ring and navel ring.
  • Her voice is not very high, but in foreign Chima episodes, her voice is very, very high and annoying.


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